Every journey starts with the first mile

It was a harrowing journey from Ontario to PEI. It might have been enjoyable were it not for the two cats in the back and the bird in my lap. Taz, our older cat did alright. Poncho, our youngest cat went a little bonkers. Normally he is a happy go lucky sort of fellow but in the car he howled, and rubbed his nose on the screen window until it was raw and bleeding. And let me tell you, a cat who is urinating out of fear on a frequent basis in a small car makes for some lung choking air quality in the car. The bird merely paced back and forth the first day but otherwise did fine. 
Einstein in his carrier on my lap
 Poor Poncho was a soaking mess by the time we stopped for the first night. Thank goodness for an overnight stay at a friend's place in Ottawa and thus the use of her laundry facilities. They provided us with a wonderful meal, a healing hug, some great conversation and fabulous room to spend the night in.

Day two saw us in slightly better air quality with the use of puppy training pads lining the bottom of Poncho's travel carrier. Bless those puppy pads with their wonderful deodorizers. However at this point it was the car that started complaining. Our poor little Echo was pulling a little more weight than she should have and started struggling over the steep hills of eastern Quebec. By the time we pulled into our hotel in New Brunswick for night two, the transmission was grrrr'ing a little at us. 
A loaded down Echo
We babied the car over the rest of the hills and finally arrived in PEI. The feeling of home set in about ten minutes after we crossed over the border. Still a little snow here and it was a little hard to figure out where the driveway was. But we made it!

After we lugged everything in, aired the place out, put things away, it was time to relax. Nothing says relaxation like a roaring fire. Taz has never seen a fire but it didn't take her long to figure out this was the place to nap. 

Poncho took a little longer to settle in but finally, exhausted, he found the most obscure place to crash and snooze, right up there near the ceiling.

All in all, it was a journey to remember. Now we are settled in and starting our house hunting and job hunting. 

We have looked at some places already and have been aiming for a much smaller place than we had back in Ontario. Staying in this 700 sq ft cabin all week has taught us that we really can be comfortable in a small place. We are discovering that we don't need much space, don't need a lot of  things, and that living more simply is calming and peaceful.

We spent two days completely unplugged..even cell phone reception was a little dicey from inside the cabin. Life takes on a simpler, more honest flavor. We found we really didn't miss the tv at all. But we will admit to having a little withdrawal without the internet. When it was finally connected after two days we were so thrilled! God bless the internet! Even with that though, life here is very different. These days it is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of getting the newest cell phone, the bigger house, the better car, the atv, skiddoo, seadoo and whatever other toys we all covet. We spend and spend, we rack up the debt and we look for happiness in having more. Being here I have found a contentment with having less. I've found a peacefulness I didn't have when we were always striving for more. Our first taste of the homesteading experience and it tastes darn good!


  1. I am glad everyone arrived safe and sound and that you survived the ride through hell. Cat in the car is really no fun at all!!! Good luck house and job hunting!


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