Finding peace

The sun is shining here on the shores of PEI, and as I drive through the countryside I see patches of emerald green as the grass starts to reach upwards to meet the sun. The salt air here is invigorating and I feel more peaceful here than anywhere else I've ever been. Perhaps I was meant to be here all along.

The kitties have been fighting cabin fever in this tiny little home we are temporarily in. So I picked up a roll of wire mesh, some u-posts and built them a 'cat coral' so they could sit outside with me. The weren't thrilled with being fenced in at first but they are realizing now it beats being on a leash. Leash walking with cats (who are notoriously curious) is an exercise of wills as they insist on dragging you through thick brush in and out of the trees. So cat coral it is!

Of course, I neglected to inform the wildlife in the area which seriously upset Mr. Raccoon the other night. He hadn't been around for a few days, realizing that I was bringing the bird feeders in at night and depriving him of a snack. Last night I was skyping my beloved and as it turned dark I hadn't brought them in yet. Sure enough, I hear the clawing and scratching as he tries to climb up the wall to reach the feeder. I opened the door to bring them in which sent him running off as usual. However, he jumped down off the deck and right into the cat coral. He made a run for it and encountered the fence and instantly panicked. The door was open but the poor sod frantically followed the fence around and around, back and forth always stopping short of the doorway and the more he missed, the more panicked he got. I'm sure he was thinking it was the end for him, that the ugly human trapped him and is coming for him. I moved away from the door to let him calm down and sure enough, once he calmed down and walked slowly around the perimeter he finally found the open doorway and made his way out.

For awhile I thought Mr. Mouse had moved out, realizing that there were cats in the cottage now. But noooo, there he was last night. Two cats staring riveted at the point in the wall where they heard him moving, not realizing he made his way up to the ceiling, and was now sitting on the ceiling beam, little feet curled over the edge and head hanging down, watching the cats from behind. They had no idea they were being watched by the prey they thought they were watching. His little head swiveled from side to side as he watched them and dubiously eyed me, wondering if I was going to come over and nab him. I guess it's time to get the mouse trap. I hate doing that and wish he had just chosen to move out!

I've been one week on the new job, or rather in training. I can honestly say, never before have I worked somewhere that had a lovely little harbor right next door where I could eat my lunch and watch the boats. You'll notice the stack of lobster traps as lobster season is about to begin. And with that, lobster suppers will be available in abundance at every little community on the island. I must partake of one of those!

I found a house that we are hoping to buy. Things are in motion but it's not yet ours so I won't say too much about it. But, once the deal is closed I will post a variety of pics. I will say however, that it is only five minutes to a beach and a lighthouse, which will be soooo cool! At least for me. I find that I amuse the dyed-in-the-wool islanders as I gasp and appreciate the scenery, the water, and all the things that I find so special here. They are so accustomed to it all they take it for granted. I suppose it's true that in time the novelty will wear off for me as well, but I hope that I will continue to appreciate it all nonetheless as time goes by.


  1. A fist full of moth balls in the areas frequented by mr mouse will get him to move on. They do not like the smell of naptha.


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