A Place To Call Home

We have a house! The paperwork is done. All the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. We found a lovely property that's 8.29 acres and backs onto a river. We are surrounded by woods and a good portion is cleared and a small, sandy local beach is a two minute car ride away. We are already envisioning riding our bicycles there to stare at the waves and marvel at how well this move has gone so far. 

On the property is a lovely old 125 old house with history and charm galore. Of course there is the expected elbow grease that it will need, to strip out carpets as well as stained and aging wallpaper. But it has so many charming features. Beautiful highly varnished slats cover the living room ceiling and there is a narrow servant's stairway that takes you up to a back bedroom.  

As I sat in the large country kitchen with hand painted herbs on the cupboard doors I could hear the deep melodious wind chime ringing outside the kitchen door. The house is 
peaceful and homey. 

Behind the house is a garden already built with all sorts of goodies. A kitchen herb garden, a medicinal herb garden, blueberries, raspberries, fruit trees, and apple trees in the front yard. There is a wooden archway that takes you on a wide path down the middle of the garden that is lined on either side with grape vines. I can already taste the wine I'll be 

We were even blessed with a next door neighbor that is simply the nicest man in the
world. I found him mowing my giant acreage when I pulled up the driveway and he has offered to bring a trailer up to the cottage where I'm staying so I can get all my things moved over to the house in one trip. 

He was the owner we bought from. His wife was an artist and noted island herbalist who 
put her heart and soul into the garden before passing of cancer two years ago. But influences have been at work in the move all along and they continue. He had a premonition that a 55 year old woman (I'm 54) would be buying the house and would love the property and the garden. When I told him I felt like I'd arrived home the minute I stepped on the property the first time he said "We've been waiting for you" so it would seem I was destined to have this property. It has been sitting unlived in for 2 years and a week after I arrived on the island he got the urge to put it on the market. I couldn't have a nicer neighbor. 

I have had some pretty rough times in my past and there were times in my life I wondered
if life was worth living for. But it seems like lately the blessings are showering down on me like rain and life just keeps getting better and better. I found a soul mate who is a wonderful husband. I found a home that is going to be the central part of our lives and his son will be coming to live with us so we'll see more of him as well. I feel like my life is almost perfect.The only factor missing now is a job that feeds my soul as well as my wallet.

Working at the call centre is a tough job and the hours are crap. Working night shift is hard enough but the hardest thing to handle is having my days off be split, one here, one there. It's difficult when you are trying to move or do any other large undertaking..the days flies by and then the next day you are back at work. It doesn't allow enough time to accomplish very much and still fit in some rest in between. But I'm continuing to put out the applications and hopefully the final blessing of a Mon-Fri/9-5 job will come along. Fingers crossed!

But in the meantime we are thrilled and excited with visions of making this new home ours and putting our hearts into it. Todd is hard at work getting our house sold and will join us
here in PEI soon. It's so hard to enjoy the sights and discoveries here without him to share them with. I'm looking forward to taking a couple of days off work so I can show him around our lovely home and property and all the wonderful things that are so close at hand here. 

The garden hasn't been tended for two years so it's over grown with grass and weeds so we will be spending our first summer just getting the garden revealed again. It's a giant 
garden and it will take us some time to do that. So our first planting of vegetables will be next summer. Of course whatever is planted there now that comes up will be thoroughly enjoyed in the meantime. Winter time will be the time to work on the inside of the house, painting and putting in flooring. What we have yet to discover is what is underneath the plywood that is under the carpet. Hopefully some nice old plank floors! But lots of work ahead of us which means that between that and full time jobs we are going to be very busy. But we'll do our best to keep everyone posted.


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