And the beat goes on...

Living out in the country, way out in the country, is certainly a different experience from city life.

The cats were peacefully sleeping in my bed. An extremely loud series of bangs and I woke out of a dead sleep and sat bolt upright. 'What was that? Did I really hear something? or did I dream it?' Looking around me I noticed Taz with eyes as big as saucers and Poncho cowering in the closet. Well that answered my question. Suddenly there it was...a rapid succession of bangs right over my head like ear shattering machine gun fire. Then silence. A few moments and there it was again. It took several occurrences for me to finally sift through all the possibilities before I finally realized...the woodpecker! He had been around all week hammering on the trees. This morning he thought he would try the steel roof on the cottage instead! All the metal just amplified the sound which I'm sure was quite fine by him, because in terms of mating sounds he likely got a better range for the ladies.

The weather has been warming up and with it everything is turning green, and flowers are slowly poking their heads up. Crocuses, tulips, daffodils, and the emerald green of the grass here along side the rusty red earth makes for a colorful scene.

Being here has given me a new lease on life. I guess the salt air agrees with me. My chronic lung and sinus problems have all but disappeared. The exhilaration of new people and places and new adventures has given me an energy level I have lacked for a very long time. But what I'm anxiously awaiting is my final move into my own home. It will be nice to start decorating and settling in, gardening and planning and better yet will be the arrival of Todd.

We have never been apart this long and although we Skype every night it's still hard not to be together. We have always worked as a team which we still are, albeit at a distance. But technology just can't replace a warm hug. And so I count the days.


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