After the rain

The tail end of storm Andrea blew through during the last couple of days with a lot of rain and wicked winds. It's a little overcast today but it seemed a good opportunity to walk the property and see what is blooming and showing itself. When you have a new garden that someone else planted, it's a little like opening gifts. Every day you are surprised with something new that you didn't know was there.

The flowering Crabapples were the first to bloom and attract hundreds of hard working bees. Then came the tulips, daffodils and lilacs. As the lilacs are close to being spent the lupines are now popping up, and the grape leaves are coming out on the vines. I've been so busy cleaning and the house and trying to make things homey that haven't had a moment to spend in that overgrown garden that is nearly buried under the tall grass, weeds and stray pine tree babies sprouting everywhere. Several beds are barely discernible by the brick edging peeking through the overgrowth. There will be months of just uncovering the beds and cleaning things up before we will be ready to even plant anything, so the vegetable garden will have to get it's first official start next year. I'm going to miss my fresh veg this summer but perhaps I can plant one or two things just to have a taste.

But before I take you on a garden tour...hubbie and step son have Currier and Ives images of pies cooling on the big country kitchen windowsills. Taz has other ideas.

Let's tour the gardens!


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