The Country Way

I've been gradually adjusting to a whole new way of life out here in the country. For starters, here on the Island waste management is a little more complicated, but so much better. There is two recycling streams, compost bin, and waste bin. I'm finding that ninety percent of my waste is going into the recycling and compost, while very little is considered actual waste. Only the recycling is put into bags, while compost and waste are put loose in your bins. Less plastic to hang around hundreds of years from now. Now how sensible is that?

Then there is the darkness out here at night. Driving down country roads with no street lights makes it a challenge to find your house at night. I've been working night shifts and the first three nights I drove right past my place! After the third time I decided to use reflective tape to put something distinctive on my mailbox and that night, success. I found my driveway without driving past first!

With the extreme blackness out here, stargazing is simply mesmerizing. One night I came home from work, got out of my car and was so struck by the number of stars I just stood there and stared in awe. The number of stars visible and the fact that they seemed like they were almost on top of me made for the most incredible stargazing I've ever done.

Having a country mailbox is kind of fun too. There is something a little more exciting about getting mail when you look out the window and see the little red flag up on your mailbox, telling you that there is something waiting for you inside. So out I go for a little stroll down the driveway, enjoying the sun and fresh air on my way to the mailbox. Somehow it has a little more charm than opening the door, reaching into a wall box and pulling out mail. A small thing but it's all part of the new ways I'm slowly getting accustomed to. Admittedly I may not find it quite so charming in the winter trudging through the snow, but let's not think about that right now.

Today I used my clothesline for the first time. Now, I know that lots of people in the city have clotheslines but it's something I've never had in any of the houses I've lived in (except when I was little). Another opportunity to stand outside in the sunshine and fresh air, putting clothes on the line. Seeing the colors and shapes of my varied laundry waving in the breeze has a certain quaintness about it. And everything smells so fresh when it comes off the line. I think I'm going to miss this in the winter.

With the nice weather here now, plus all the rain we've had in the last two weeks, things are green and blooming everywhere I look. I've been too busy cleaning and tidying inside the house to have a chance to get my hands in the dirt out in the garden. But that will be coming soon. In the meantime,  I discovered that bees love my flowering crab apple trees. I was getting out of the car one afternoon when I heard a strange humming sound that I couldn't quite place. Then it hit was coming from the tree. There were so many bees in the tree feasting on the blooms that I could hear the generalized hum that is comprised of hundreds of happy bees, from ten feet away!

The one thing out here that is a bit of a challenge is the bugs! Oh my, being close to water means lots of mosquitoes that just eat you alive, especially if had rained earlier in the day and everything is still damp. Brushing past a branch of one of the trees that was full of bees resulted in my getting my first bee sting. Ouch! As soon as the household goods arrive the branch lopper is coming out and some of those branches are getting trimmed away so that I can get in and out of the shed without tangling with the bees. As for the skitters...well we shall see just how well the citronella roll-on works which I got at the local health food store. I despise the chemical repellants and hope that this one works.

The peace and quiet here is simply rejuvenating. As crappy as my job is, when I get home this place is a healing balm that makes it all better. I keep busy puttering around this property and dreaming of gardens brimming with vegetables and fruit. I don't miss the tv one bit and sometimes I don't even have the radio on, so I can just hear the quiet and the birds. Oh to win a lottery so I could stay home all the time! I would be in heaven if I was able to just spend my days close to the land. Maybe some day.

It's all heavenly but of course, it would be so much more fun if I had my hubby here to share it with me. He's coming soon! But in the meantime, God bless Skype for our daily 'visits' online or it would be very lonely indeed.


  1. Hey Connie, it's nice to read your little stories. I find myself looking forward to find a new one posted! I am happy, you found "happiness".

  2. Thanks Sabina! There is a long row of grapevines here. Three different types of grapes apparently. I am thinking that perhaps wine making will be the next thing I should learn how to do ;)


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