Life is full of surprises

A week or so ago, Todd came home from work to find a gift bag on our doorstep. We couldn't imagine who it might be from. When we opened it we were delightfully surprised. It seems our real estate agent, Marion of Bluefield Realty, gave us a lovely framed watercolor of our house! along with a thank you note on a card with a picture of our house on the front. What an adorable gift! The water color was done by a local artist from Charlottetown by the name of Chloe Cork. Definitely something to cherish!

Before leaving Ontario, my brother gave us a house warming gift for the new house. Of course, things being hectic as they were it was packed away. A week or so I finally opened the box that it was packed in and Todd and I excitedly opened it up. And what a surprise it was. Knowing that we were planning a nice big victory garden my brother and his fiance decided to give us a helping hand. Packets of seeds! Lots of seeds! Vegetables and flowers! Oh happy day! We already have all sorts of fruit that came with the place and now we have a variety of vegetables that will make our table a gourmet delight. And we will certainly have our hands full in tending all of this in the garden!

I have officially been unemployed for three days now and I have been attacking the To Do list with a vengeance. I've managed to hang a shelf in the kitchen which allowed me to get yet another box unpacked. I have a cabinet to hang in the bathroom tomorrow and that will take care of another box. Hopefully, by the end of the week the dining room, which is currently a storage room of boxes, will actually be a dining room!

The weather has been beautiful and I have been making use of the clothesline. There is a certain amount of nostalgia that grips me when I see the different colors and items flapping in the breeze on the line. It takes me back to when I was small. Mom would hang the laundry on our square, rotating clothesline. Of course, I could never resist grabbing the clothes and running in circles to make it rotate which usually resulted in some very loud, sharp words from mom out the window.

I thought a lot about mom and dad yesterday as I was hanging some clothes, and wondered what they would have thought of this place. It needs a lot of love inside, the appliances are old and worn out, but there is a homey feel to the place. The old wavy glass in the sash windows, the worn eyelet curtains hanging in the kitchen, the quaint old sideboard that we are using as a kitchen island, the old panel doors with the iron knobs and skeleton keyholes, all speak of old country charm with a history just waiting to be told.


  1. Sweet people, sweet gifts and sweet memories!!! What a great new home....


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