Summer eases into fall

Finally! The house is unpacked, things put away, and the house has turned into a home again. A few boxes remain, a few shelves to put up, and still trying to find some key pieces of furniture. The washer has been fixed, the fridge and stove replaced. Life is becoming more normal.

With the changes in the season starting, the garden gives up some new delectable items. The blueberries have been devoured and the blackberries are now ripening. We have been taking some venturous walks through our woods and discovered a number of apple trees in addition to the ones in our garden. Picked a basket of these beauties which are earmarked for a pie this weekend.

The grapes are slowly ripening, turning purple. There are lots of rosehips waiting for the first frost to be picked along with a some mountain ash berries which I've been told make very good jam.

Along with the garden come other fall changes. Kevin has moved into his dorm room to start his first year of university and adventure into independence. Well, semi independence.,..we all know that students usually come home when the laundry basket is full. As I walked through the buildings on orientation day I felt a certain nostalgia, remembering those wonderful years full of learning and growing.

Gradually we are meeting folks in the neighborhood, having been invited by a neighbor woman to join the Women's Institute, something that is popular here on the island. Every area has a group of local women that do...well, I'm not sure what. I guess I'll find out at my first meeting in about a month.

We also met the grand daughter of the couple who owned the property prior to the fellow we purchased it from. Her grandparents lived here for over 30 years and as she toured through the house she described how things looked back in the day, the summers she spent there with her grandparents and how life was in this house. There used to be a big barn, and a nice big front porch. We are hoping we'll get to see some pictures to see how things once looked. As we do the renovations, perhaps we can recapture some of it.

We have been trying to walk the beach as often as we can while the weather still permits. When things are stressful, it's amazing just how soothing it is to hear the waves rolling in and out, to feel the sand under your feet, and to gaze out over an unending expanse of water that makes you realize just how small you are on this tiny planet.

We still have to experience our first winter here. We've heard mixed stories of how bad it can be or how mild it is. Some say the roads are hell and other say they are nothing bad. We'll have to remember these beach walks to get us through until spring.

We have also been taking walks through our woods. However, a walk in the woods means carrying a long handled weeder to fend off the coyotes that have been making our property part of their territory. We haven't seen them yet, but have seen the telltale signs that they are visiting. Todd met a professional trapper who offered to trap the clan for us. After much discussion we decided that we'll let nature be as long as it lets us be. There have been some stories that they can be a little aggressive this time of year with their pups being around. We've also seen a fox stroll across the back lawn. Both are abundant on the island and are even invading the major cities. This pretty fellow is a regular at the garage next to where Todd works. Despite the big dog they have chained up this little fellow lures the dog away and then runs in and steals his food. Then he sits just out of reach of the leash and barks at him.

Of course around our property they stick to catching the partridge in the forest along with any other small critters they can grab. Needless to say, being that they would be a target as a lunch item, Taz and Poncho are now strictly indoors with an occasional session in the cat corral I've erected close to the house. Down the road one day there will be a nice long cat run built but for now they have to be content with sitting in the window and watching the world go by.


  1. It's just all so beautiful to read... Everything is falling into place.... I love harmony with nature...


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