Almost Christmas

We have been deluged with snow in the last week or so. Apparently we don't usually get this kind of weather on the island until after December. A week ago we had a major snow storm with high winds that rattled the house and made me wonder if we'd soon be doing a version of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. We lost power for a few hours but luckily we have a generator that allowed us to at least hook up a space heater. So all doors in the livingroom closed, space heater on, laptop plugged in and was cosy. The next day the sun came out, the mercury rose to a balmy 14'C and lo and behold everything melted. This week we've had more snow but at least no power loss. The snowblower was challenged just a little and started smoking because the snow got so deep.

Todd has had an easy week as he was sent home early twice this week. One thing that we find nice here on the island is that when the weather turns ugly businesses close down and send their employees home. In Ontario it was not uncommon to get dirty looks or snotty attitudes if you called in due to weather or ask to go home early. Here it's just a given that people consider safety first. So anyone with a long drive home is sent home before the weather gets too serious. Studded tires are common as well.

With Kevin going 'home' for Christmas on the weekend we are planning to have Christmas tomorrow. The weather is expected to be agreeable and so we'll head into Charlottetown for a nice dinner and a showing of The Hobbit at the theatre. We'll also meet up for coffee with friends and gift them with a good old fashioned Stollen (German Christmas cake). Earlier this week I spent a full day making a batch of Stollen...six of them! It was incredibly nostalgic; kneading this giant ball of dough full of citrus peel and almonds took me back to the days when I would watch mom stirring in all the ingredients. Her arthritis made kneading difficult so dad would always step in and beat the living daylights out of that dough. I would sit and watch and laugh over the way the table would squeak and complain with dad's kneading this heavy wad of dough. When they were done mom would wrap them up tightly and put them away to age till Christmas. I remember how often we'd be cutting into the last one right at Christmas because somehow we just couldn't keep our hands off it and let it age till then. So there we would be, cutting into the last one when we should have been just cutting into the first one.

With three Stollen given away and one eaten already we have two left. The way things are going they MIGHT last us till Christmas Eve.


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