Happy New Year

We have been deluged with some nasty weather here with snow, freezing rain and high winds. Thank goodness for the snow blower! The snow on the back property is so deep now it's a real workout to make your way to the back where the woods are. We are missing the beach. We tried to get to the beach one day to have a look, but the road is only plowed part way and then it's impassable.

We have had a few adventures with keeping warm. On a day that was -36'C with the windchill plus a whopping 88% humidity factor, the heat pump wasn't able to keep up. Warm air was surprisingly still coming through but with the high humidity the darn thing was having to go into defrost mode so often that it couldn't keep up the heat. So on with the oil furnace....well...hmmm...I guess not. And that was the day when it got mighty cold in here. Taz was not happy at all with that situation. Out with the space heater of course but that only covers one room. Needless to say, poor arthritic Taz parked herself in front of the heater for maximum comfort, even sitting in front of it with her face right up to the grill. 

Todd has been learning a whole lot about fixing oil furnaces, thawing out lines and installing new controllers, and managed to get it all working. With the price of oil here though ($1000 to fill the tank) we are wondering if we might be getting that wood stove installed sooner so we can get rid of the oil furnace. 

Todd triumphant that the furnace is fixed after 3 days of working on it and lots of phone calls to a fellow who was helping him get it solved, but then as he is coming out of the basement (the entrance of which is outside the house) the basement door blows right off the hinges and goes flying. The wind has picked up with gusts that are about 80 km. We managed to get the door back on but the hinges are broken. At least with the door on, it will keep the stairwell from filling up with snow. We had a tremendous melt yesterday with warmer temps and now everything is a thick slab of really slippery ice. With that wind gust pushing at you it was a challenge to make it to the door and get inside without landing on our backsides. The wind gusts are shaking the house and I find myself thinking...boy they sure built sturdy houses 125 years ago. 

Poncho got a unplanned visit to the vet this morning. Poor little gapper is having a little difficulty in the plumbing. He's now resting quietly with special food, anti-inflammatories and a two week course of antibiotics. 

As I look out at the path carved through the 2 feet of snow and the drift that is half way up the front door I am longing for spring already. It's already been one heck of a winter here and we have a couple of months yet to go. It will be such a joy when we are back on the beach and back in the garden.

Wishing you all a grand year ahead full of dreams and adventures. 


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