Frozen in Time

Like that subject line? Yeah, that's what we are feeling like right now. It's like we entered the winter season and time just stopped and stood still. Nerves are frayed, irritability is rising, we spend a lot of time daydreaming about planting gardens and walking on warm sand. I suppose we shouldn't far as P.E.I. goes, we seem to be in the banana belt. Weather patterns in central and western portions of the province have been much worse than where we are. And back home in Ontario where we used to live, it has been nothing short of nightmarish. So maybe I shouldn't complain. But oh, how nice it would be to be warm in the sun again. After reading a story in a financial newsletter I get, about a Manitoba couple that sold it all and moved to Ecuador, I actually spent a few dreamy moments envisioning what it would be like to live somewhere that never gets snow. I have to remind myself that no place is perfect. No matter where you live, there is always a downside. A post from a friend in Florida that spent a few hours in her laundry room with all the pets until a hurricane warning was cancelled, reminded me of that fact. So let's all say a little prayer for the blessings we DO have, right?

As you can imagine, this season leaves us with not much to talk about except cabin fever. We did manage to pull some more carpet out of the house. Under the orange carpet on the back stairs some grey painted wood which wasn't too bad. Under the green carpet in the dining room some plywood sub floor. It's not pretty but it's a whole lot easier to clean up the cat puke. Another wonderful feature of this season...kitties trying to expel all manner of hairballs.

On the subject of kitties, Muppet is still with us hoping for a new home soon. There isn't a lot of excitement from people when it's old cat. She is such a love and hopefully some of my many posts and getting the word out will turn something up for her. In the meantime, Taz ran into her on the back stairs one night and the fight that ensued didn't sound too great from where I was. Muppet as usual, was quiet even when faced with a snarling maniac. Taz on the other hand, was pretty upset, Piled on top of all the stress she has had in the last 11 months it was the straw that broke the camel's back as the saying goes. The next morning she was showing signs of urinary distress and leaving little drops of blood all over the house. Once again, I cursed the carpets. As it turns out, she was now going through the same thing that Poncho went through two months ago. And once again, when trying to figure out the source of this malady I was asked by the vet, "has she been under a lot of stress lately?" the space of a year I made her endure 3 days in the car next to another cat that was howling and peeing the whole time, moved her to two different residences, changed her routine drastically, and robbed her of one of her greatest joys...being able to wander around outside in a sheltered and protected yard. And then I brought another cat into the house! I'd say she has experienced a little stress. Then I got to thinking about her empathic nature and figure, she probably also absorbed plenty of the stress that WE were feeling all the time. Making a major move like this is definitely not for the faint hearted.

I will admit with a little embarrassment that we have had a few days this winter when we crumbled under the weight of finances, cold weather, and the daunting list of renovations waiting to be done, and briefly felt a twinge of regret. We even asked ourselves a few times, 'did we do the right thing?' And then I look at pictures from the summer and envision the garden full of vegetables, chickens running in and out of a chicken coop and cracking FRESH eggs into a pan. I look at pictures of Todd walking in the water on his birthday in September while I have my toes buried in the sand. Then I breath a little sigh and tell myself...'patience'. I look at the calendar and count the days until the closing date of our house in Ingersoll, not really knowing if the buyers will be able to find the financing by then. I breath a little sigh and tell myself...'patience'. I pull another carpet up and then dreamily wish I had the finances to cover the plywood with some real floors and I breath a little sigh and tell myself...'patience'. I tack up a piece of wallpaper that is curling away from the wall and I breath a little sigh and tell myself...'patience'. And maybe that's the life lesson to absorb right now.....patience. It has never been one of my strong suits so it's a very hard lesson for me.

So I try hard to focus on the blessings: Kevin finding a summer job...his first one; and Todd finding an offer of another job with just a little tiny bit more money and perhaps more opportunity to advance; Taz on the mend; and wonderful family and good friends who support us in this great adventure. I just need one more blessing........Lord, give me patience.


  1. Spring is officially just a few days away. Already you can feel the warmth of the Sun. It grows stronger day by day. We judge the second week of February to be the worst. The coldest time of the year comes at the height of the Winter blahs. God has a sense of humour. This year's Winter has been an anomaly, the worst in many years. An old fashioned Winter, if you will. The peak of the blahs may have been delayed by a few weeks this year. My garden is under a fifteen foot high snow bank at the moment. Now is the time of the seed catalogues. You should have subscribed to a dozen or so, at least. Revel in the full colour paged glory of vegetables and flowers that could be over-flowing your garden rows in just three of four months. Save you egg cartons and start your seedlings now. Many things, say peppers for example, will appreciate the early start. Embrace the seed catalogue season. Make your plans now, for the real garden season will be upon us before you know it. By then, there won't be enough time to do everything you want. God bless, Connie.


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