Spring is Here!

The temperatures are fluctuating a little and we did have a sprinkling of snow and freezing rain, but I can feel that spring is here. I've seen the robins darting around the lawn picking worms, and the flower bulbs have sprouted their little green shoots. We've had some warm, sunny days that were just perfect for puttering around outside and yes, hanging the laundry out to dry.

There is still a little snow left in the woods that hasn't melted yet but it's got me feeling like it's time to dig in the dirt. So thanks to some potting soil, egg cartons and upcycled plastic salad containers we have a little mini greenhouse going in a sunny window with some seeds. I've started the carrots, parsnips, peppers and some cucumbers. Fingers crossed they sprout and turn into cute little seedlings that I can transplant out in the garden.

 I'm also happy to announce that Muppet has found a home! Once again serendipity stepped in and made things happen. Roberta was feeling rather despondent so we cleared it with the hospital to bring Muppet in for a visit. What an emotional reunion with Muppet sticking her little head out and getting lots of love and kisses.

Little did we know that her dog Nanook was there the same day for a visit. At first the hospital wouldn't let him in but as he stood on his hind legs outside her window crying, a nurse came in and offered to sneak him in. Roberta was overjoyed and got lots of doggie kisses.

Meanwhile Muppet's carrier had been put aside and she started meowing. Nanook perked up her ears and started looking...'where's the cat?' Nanook's owners let the cat out of the carrier and holy moly another emotional reunion as the dog and cat beelined for each other and touched noses. Muppet knew this was the time to be persuasive and she started rubbing up against the leg of one of Nanook's owners. Well, who could resist that?

Before we knew it, they offered to adopt Muppet as well depsite already having 3 cats at home. So Muppet went home with them and it was a little traumatizing as it was a long drive to her new home. She was a little shy for a few days, but Nanook was visiting her room every day.

Soon enough she started venturing out into the rest of the house and here she is looking quite cosy with her pal Nanook by her side. She is now in a home with 3 other cats, 2 dogs and 2 kids. But Roberta is over the moon knowing that her two 'babies' have been reunited and are going to continue growing old together. Now who could have predicted that?

And so once again some forces in the Universe orchestrated this chance meeting that finally got Muppet re-homed. Poncho has been missing her a little but Taz seems pretty pleased to have the interloper gone.

So now that Muppet is gone I've been able to start renovating the room she was in, which happens to be Kevin's room. He's already home for the summer but it's going to be another week or so to get it done. Nothing like peeling wallpaper off of old lathe and plaster walls, patching and painting. I would have thought that plaster washers (used for anchoring loose plaster) would be widely available on an island with so many old houses but apparently not. It seems that most people drywall over the old plaster walls and start fresh but being on a limited budget, we'll have to take the more labour intensive route. Thank goodness for online shopping I got the plaster washers and I'm still patching and sanding. After that's done and the room is painted there is still a light fixture to install, furniture to paint and carpet to rip out. I love the feeling of accomplishment when you get a complete room redone but getting there is soooo tedious! I'll be sure to post before and after pics when I'm done.


  1. There comes a point at this time of year when I come to the realization that I have survived another Winter and lived to see another Spring. I sat in Victoria Park today for an hour watching the nesting starlings. It was a beautiful early Spring day here today. So glad that you have survived your first Winter on the island, Connie. Wait to you see how beautiful the summers are!


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