Summer fun

The homestead is humming along with the summer chores taking a lot of time. Weeding and weeding until we just gave up and said 'forget it!' Hubby gets out the hoe and tackles it now and then but it just feels like an uphill battle. I am on the mailing list of a newsletter for The Prairie Homestead. The are trying the method of deep mulching this year. After reading the reviews of how they are doing with that, we have come to the conclusion that this will be our tactic next year. We got some seedlings from a neighbour for tomatoes and celery and onion...all growing albeit slowly. I'm a little jealous when I hear of other folks on the island harvesting all sorts of stuff already. But we did pull out a whack of radishes! They were beautiful but holy hanna! they are HOT....they were supposed to be 'sweet' according to the package...hmmmm

Me and my guys at Point Prim
We also had a visitor from Ontario for 5 days who thoroughly enjoyed his visit. We took him to do a little sightseeing and of course, we had to introduce him to one of the Island's most popular fare...the lobster supper. Since I didn't have a pot big enough to cook up enough lobster for 4 people we enjoyed it at local establishment which had a nice patio overlooking the water. Lobster suppers are pretty standard...starting with chowder, then mussels, then lobster with sides and finally some sort of dessert. This is when you wear something that will allow the inevitable belly expansion because by the end you are stuffed for the day.

Our guest was quite enamoured with the property. Determined to do some labour on the homestead, he helped hubby to finally locate the end of the sump pump drain so we could get the darn thing unclogged.

Tropical storm Arthur rolled through, and although many parts of the island saw varying degrees of damage, things weren't as violent here. Throughout last years storms and the winter season, we have come to realize that we are living in what we call the 'banana belt' of the island. Here, on the southeast part of the island, the weather doesn't seem to get as severe. We had high winds and a touch of rain briefly but it wasn't as bad as what we had braced ourselves for. The only casualty was an old, old apple tree. This poor old tree was lightning scarred, half split with one side dead, and had metal patches nailed over giant holes in the trunk (a strange way of dealing with that it in my opinion). So we weren't too surprised that the wind pulled the split apart and the living half laid itself down to shuffle off it's mortal coil. We were a little sad because this old tree had a lot of character and was so valiantly hanging onto life and still producing an abundance of apples. A little like an old pirate with peg leg and eye patches. It took a little time and the chainsaw, to dismantle the fallen part and stack the apple wood for future use in BBQ'ing over the fire pit. Applewood imparts a lovely flavour to the food.

I've been continuing my battle with the bugs while trying to find ways to avoid the plethora of bites I have all over. Just like many of the roads here, the back of my neck is just a mass of giant bumps and dips as I run my hand along trying not to scratch the incredible itch. I've always hated mosquito bites with a passion but at this point I would trade ten of them for just one of my no-seeum bites (also known as biting midges). These tiny little black grains of sand have a bite the size of a pitbull and I react to them in a big way. While mosquito bites swell like crazy and itch also, at least they go away in a few days. I have midge bites that are 3 weeks old and still there! They love to go after my eyes and I've four times dealt with one or two eyes so swollen out that I only had slits to look through. So, I have resorted to doing the gardening in long pants and sleeves with a netted hood to protect my face. A really sweet friend in Ontario sent me a lovely gift the other day...a net jacket with hood that completely covers the whole head. Elastic on the sleeve and jacket hems so the little devils can't get under and in. It's a godsend! 

We are in the midst of our first small building project. With some reclaimed green fibreglass panels, and wood pallets, we're putting together a small wood shelter next to the door. (pictures in next post) This is where we will stash our split wood to keep it dry yet handy to the door. We haven't got the wood stove yet, but come winter, the wood stove will be our secondary heat source with the heat pump. So putting on a log will be handy with the wood shed next to the door. The old oil tank has been disconnected and waiting to be picked up by a friend who wants to use it as a bin to burn brush and leaves. Once we get that done, there is two more building projects we hope to complete this year: cattio cat enclosure, and a chicken coop. 

As busy as it gets here...we try to find time to walk on the beach and de-stress. This by far is one of the biggest pluses to this property; when a beach walk is just a couple of minutes away.


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