Fall is here! and the colours are grand

As I look outside I see the leaves starting to change. Summer flowers have died off and fall flowers are showing off their splendor, There's a freshness in the air that tells you to enjoy the warm, sunny days that are left, while we still can. Animals are starting to forage more earnestly and seeking out nooks and crannies that might make a warm, winter home. Out on the road as we make our way to whatever destination we have, we see the agricultural landscape dotted with giant round cylinders of hay, and roadside stands featuring bright orange pumpkins and assorted squash.

Fall is here.

Hungry Blue Jay
Our maple tree turning brilliantly red
but only on one side

Butterfly feeding next to me while I garden

Even in fall the beach is perfect for peaceful contemplation.

The cat enclosure, now referred to as the 'cattio' has been pretty much completed. There are stairs, platform and a hanging toy to provide some amusement. A few finishing touches still to come: a tree trunk and some plants, including some catnip. Also a sand pit in one corner. I find it amusing to see the cats dashing into the house every time they need to use the litter box. I would have thought they would find a corner to designate as 'litter box' but they haven't. So, I figure with all that beach sand down the road I could bring a couple of bucketfuls home one day, and dig a little pit in the corner to put it in. Voila! Outdoor litter box. It will be interesting to see if they actually use it! I've posted a five minute video of them enjoying their new space.  Cattio video   It took Poncho a while to catch on that it was okay to be out there on his own and that he wasn't doing something wrong. I've yelled at him so many times when he has slipped out the door. Taz of course, smart cookie that she is, she caught on right away how to get out through the window, how to climb the stairs to the platform and was enjoying things right away. It took some coaxing, kind words and a little effort to get Poncho on board. Once he caught on he went crazy going in and out every couple of minutes, just enjoying the freedom to choose.

There's lots of change coming up in the household in the next few weeks. This weekend the living room will go from plywood sub floor to beautifully finished hardwood floor. The furniture will also be rearranged when it comes back in the room. All in preparation for the wood stove to come at the end of the month. We are all excited about putting on that first fire in the wood stove! Todd and Kevin have been busy splitting and stacking the firewood in our little wood shelter next to the door. We even got a log splitter for some of the more gnarly pieces.

We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves last night as we put in a new beam in the basement with four jack posts under it to help level out the living room floor, and to take place of the beam that is deteriorating. At first we had planned on having an extra pair of hands to help with this task but that fell through. Unable to find a replacement we rigged a pulley system with ropes to help us hoist that 8"x 8"x 16' beam up and get the posts underneath. It seems there is nothing we can't manage on our own when we put our heads together. Now it's just a matter of slooooowly cranking that up until it's level without cracking any walls in the process.

It's taking some time but things are slowly shaping up. I think it will be a few years before we reach that picture in our heads of how we want it all to be. Along the way we are learning a lot. Living in the country has it's challenges for sure, but we haven't missed urban life at all.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that this year I will be particularly thankful for all the wonderful people in our lives that have supported us on our journey from city to country. This little city mouse is happy to have made the move!


  1. After one year we have been back to that peaceful beach two weeks ago and we enjoyed a walk along the shore.
    We admired your diligence in embellishing your house and garden.


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