The Circle of Life and all things new

The weeks that followed the last post have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster here at the homestead.

The kitties were enjoying the cattio, the weather was beautiful and there was all sorts of reasons to smile. We got a beautiful hardwood floor installed in the livingroom to accommodate the installation of our wood stove a week later. Oh how lovely the living room looks now! No more ugly plywood sub floor. And the wood stove makes such a lovely fire to watch while we warm ourselves. It came in handy just a few days later when the power went out. Btw, yes I know the kindling basket and wood holder are too close. They are normally a safe distance away...just snuck them in there for the sake of the picture.
Rather than laying tile underneath the wood stove, we opted for a sheet of copper which looks amazing

We were feeling pretty pleased and then the roller coaster took us down. Taz lost the use of her back legs. It became clear that her kidneys finally gave out. She hobbled and shuffled for a week between a dark corner, her litter box and her food until it became clear that she was in pain. I had hoped that nature would cross her over but it was not to be. Todd and I had a lovely moment with her in the morning before he went to work. A three way cuddle, the memory of which will warm my heart forever. Later the vet came to the house, and in a very loving and respectful way, he ended her pain. And that's when mine began. She was such a character and the 14 years she spent with me will always be cherished. But oh, how I miss her. After the vet left, I buried her in the backyard. Our sweet Maddy who passed away a few short months before we made the move to PEI was cremated because we wanted to make sure she still came with us. I had planned on spreading her ashes or something but now I saw the opportunity to bury her with Taz. So they now rest together. This was the last picture I took of her after I carried her downstairs to sleep in the sun for awhile.


That same week we finally closed the sale on our house in Ontario. This was a sale that took a year and a half to complete. Closing that deal was lifted a huge weight from our shoulders. We should have been celebrating and dancing, but our hearts were so heavy with grief, all we could do was feel relief. Finally! the responsibility of a second house was gone. Now we can focus better on this one. With the living room finished we have a sense of having made some progress with the renovations to be done here. The weather forecasts predict a very stormy January through March which means a lot of power outages here. So, knowing that we can throw a log in the fire and be toasty warm is such a relief. Power outages are common and we recently found out that electricity has only been in this area since the 50's and some parts the 70's!

Poncho has handled Taz's absence well although he does seem a little bored. He stopped using the cattio much, only short outings. I guess it's not much fun being on his own out there. I planned on waiting a while to let the dust settle before considering another cat. But as often happens, the universe seems to have it's own ideas about my life's timetable. It seems this little lady needed a home. She is only a year older than Poncho. Not only does she look a little like him, but she seems to have some similar quirks.  She came with the name Dora but we are still trying to come up with a new name. She is still quarantined for the time being as we slowly let her and Poncho check each other out under the door and getting used to each other's scent. She is full of love and play, so hopefully when they are fully introduced he will have a playmate to horse around with.
Poncho                                                                           New girl   

And so the ups and downs of life lately have left us feeling a little dizzy. We are still finishing up the gardening and all the tasks to button things up before the snow starts to fly. Thankfully  aside from some rainy days here and there, we have mostly had pretty good weather to get some of these things done. The vegetable garden still needs some work! Fingers crossed the good weather continues so I can finish that up and finally prune back all the grape vines.

I end this post with a final thought:

Those we love, be they man or beast.
Are never truly gone.
The memories we hold on to,
Will make them live on and on.

For when we die we shuffle off
this mortal coil and more.
We take no money or precious things
or the status we held before.

The only thing that comes with us.
is all the love in our heart.
The protective bubble that surrounds us
as we cross over and finally depart.


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