Livin' the dream!

One thing I hear a lot from people I meet during tourist season, is how beautiful the island is. The response that we are living here now invariably evokes a "wow! livin' the dream!" I must say, as we endure day 2 of a major blizzard with massive drifting, plows pulled off the roads, TransCanada Hwy shut down, the term "livin' the dream" seems to be a bit laughable. To be fair, this is the worst we've experienced so far. The majority of the time, it's no worse than what we used to experience in the snowbelt area of Ontario.

The woodstove is getting lots of use, and with that we aren't too worried about whether we'll have a power failure or not. But when you hear that someone's house is engulfed in flames because fire trucks couldn't get there because the roads are closed, and even the snow plows are pulled off the road, hospital is on skeleton staff because most staff couldn't make it in, the remoteness of living in the country takes on a little bit of fear. On the news they are announcing that ambulances are doing their best to get to people but in some cases a plow is needed to blaze the trail taking 2 hours just to travel a mere 15 km. As long as you have your health it's all good. I had heard of the commonality of people who temporarily move into a hotel in Charlottetown for the winter months. Suddenly the reason is painfully clear. If you have a serious health issue, living in an area where help can't reach you can mean death.

So this is the time to get cosy, read, munch, talk, and contemplate the meaning of life. Or...update a blog that was long overdue! And if the winds ever calm down to a level that won't send me flying down the road, perhaps we can clear access to cars, doors and whatnot.......again.

I've heard that Ecuador is a nice place to live! And I'm a little envious as I follow the blog entries of a friend who is spending the next 6 months in Sri Lanka. Oh, to be once again on the beach on a sunny day, the hot sand chafing my skin and the sound of the water rolling onto the shore.


  1. What a winter! But fortunately there is enough space for all that white stuff and you provided for a warm and cosy home.


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