It was a long time coming but spring is finally here. There is still a little snow that has to melt away, but the sun is shining again, and tiny buds are desperate to poke their little heads out. Canada geese are nesting and cavorting in the river at the back of our property (look closely and you'll see one in the middle of the picture). The kitties are spending hours in the sunshine in their catio, watching all the birds and squirrels at play. Incidentally, it's official...P.E.I.  has made it through the worst winter ever. It broke all the records for snowfall and then some, with a total of 549.6 cm falling on us this winter, and most it in the space of 3.5 months!

Keiko the huntress is proving to be quite skilled despite being in an enclosure. One day she caught a squirrel and brought him in the house. The poor thing was squealing in anguish and there I was holding her head out the window, squeezing the sides of her mouth to pry it open and yelling, "Drop him! Drop him!" She did drop him and he got away and into a little nest in the window well, where he had spent the winter. He had a few puncture wounds but nothing that looked too serious, and other than looking a little traumatized, he seemed to be okay. Unfortunately, the squirrel she caught a week later was not so lucky. She growled mightily when I wrestled the poor limp body away from her after she managed to eat the head and one front leg. Whether it was the same squirrel or another will never be known. But for sure her hunting skills aren't hampered by the fact that she is caged in. 

And of course it's seed starting time again! We made our trip to a wonderful place called Vessey's Seeds where we shopped for all the lovely goodies we plan to plant this year. Lettuce, spinach, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and a few seeds leftover from last year's planting. I didn't do a very good job of the garden last year having been sidetracked by a full time job. This year we are going to make it a priority to really make it flourish. Hopefully we'll have a better apple harvest this year, since last year the late frost killed most of the buds.

You may have wondered why the blog posts have been getting fewer and fewer and that was largely due to a little project I've been busy working on. Needing to get a little extra cash into the budget while still being able to put our efforts into the garden and chickens (soon to come after we build the coop this summer), I decided it was time to start my own business. 

Introducing...Belle little project.
I have for many years made my own creams, deodorant and such in an effort to veer away from commercial products which are full of all sorts of chemicals, synthetics, and perservatives that don't agree with my skin. Using all natural, and in many cases organic, ingredients I am formulating a small line of products that I will sell from home, at farmer's markets on weekends, craft fairs and so forth. Although I'm not officially launched just yet, I have already been selling a whipped body butter that has been well received. There is still so much to do...formulate the rest of the product line, label designs, website creation, brochures and the list goes on. I'm simultaneously excited and scared witless.

Anyone who is homesteading will tell you the biggest challenge is trying to manage an acreage while working full time outside the home. Gardens and livestock require a lot of time and effort that can be consuming when you are also trying to bake, can, preserve, build and whatever else goes along with trying to live a self sufficient lifestyle. This is how convenience foods and products sprang to life in the first place; because as women entered the workforce there was a need for these things to help families manage their time. The more ways we can find to make a living from home, the better we'll be able to manage this property in the way we want to see it in the end. So wish me luck!


  1. We wish good luck and success for your new project “Belle Naturals”
    And let the vegetable, herbs and flowers grow.


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