At the speed of light

Wow! Has it really been 2 months since I posted on this blog? The days and weeks just seem to fly by at the speed of light. That must tell you just how busy we have been around here. With spring arriving late our summer got compressed into smaller time. But let's see if we can catch you up with all the news at this oasis in the country, shall we?

First of all I made a major change in my looks. After being a redhead my whole life, I decided it was time to stop colouring my hair and embrace the grey. I wasn't sure at first how this would go and as I watched the hairdresser bleach out the red I was feeling a little sick. I was bracing myself for all the comments that I looked older now, but I thought it was time to just be what I am. The surprise was after getting it done I had so many people say I looked younger! Now that's hilarious. It took a long time for me to get used to the stranger who was looking back at me in the mirror, but I am finally starting to feel comfortable with it and actually loving it. Maybe I should have done this years ago?


Most of my time has been getting my little home business Belle Naturals up and running. There was building the website which is done but still to do is product pictures. Check it out when you have time here. I had to make up lots of jars and bottles to get things rolling. It was a little like playing mad scientist in the kitchen. Not to mention, designing business cards, labels, and tweaking recipes. I found a place to do some selling at a local farmer's market on Saturday mornings.

 So far the reviews and response have been pretty good. I have some repeat customers which is really nice. I'm now in high gear to make LOTS of product for an upcoming event called the 70 Mile Coastal Yard Sale. I'm told that about 50k people flow through the visitor centre over the course of that weekend, so I guess I had better be well stocked! It's exciting and scary all at the same time.   

The chicken coop is still under contruction.Unfortunately this was a bad year for bugs so it made working outside a nightmare. Since we are so late in the year at this point we'll finish it up and then see how it holds up over the winter before we put any chickens in it. This way we can take care of any shortcomings more easily. Next spring we get the chickens! At this point, we still need doors, siding and cover the tar paper on the roof with shingles or tin.

We also had a visitor here on the homestead. Poor little three legged kitty we nicknamed Tripod showed up in somewhat sorry looking shape. For almost two weeks he came every day for meals and we fed him. We had seen him last year at the end of the road a lot struggling to climb over the tall snow banks and battling icy cold temperatures. We figured he was a feral cat and weren't sure what made him wander this far up the road and park himself in our driveway. His poor stump of a missing leg looked terribly infected so with the help of a neighbour and the loan of a large dog crate we managed to lure him in and trap him so he could be taken to the Humane Society. They are removing what's left of the leg, neutering him and taking care of the infection. Hopefully he'll find a new home where he will be spoiled and loved. He was a bit skittish at first but got quite friendly after a week of hanging out here.  Poncho however, was not pleased!

It's September and that means that there are small signs that fall is in the air. My favourite time of year was always summer. Since moving here I have found that fall is my favourite time now. It's warm and sunny, the bugs are mostly gone and I can work outside without wearing a hazmat suit. Fruit and vegetables are ripening and that makes it all the more special as we harvest the fruits of our labours. It was a poor year for gardening but we did get a good crop of snow peas, yellow beans and bush beans. Our corn (what was left after the birds stole most of the seeds) came up beautifully. I was showing a friend the beautiful corn cobs saying we were going to pick them the next day for dinner. They next day rolled around and I went out to pick only to find massive devastation. Likely raccoons (though I'll never know for sure) tore down the plants and ate all the cobs that were ripe and ready to pick. But there is still apples and blackberries to pick. We are considering the idea of raised beds next year with the abilities to put hoops over them to extend the growing season. Being closer to the house will also make it easier to create a bug-free zone so that I can garden when the bugs are at their worst.

Todd's birthday rolled around and since he had a week of vacation we toured the west end of the island. We can now say we have seen all corners of this province and it made us realize just how small this province is. Standing on the North Cape we saw the wind farm that produces some of PEI's electricity. The water was more turbulent being on the ocean, than what we are used to on our calm little beach on the Northumberland Strait. There were more potato fields than we could count, as we drove up one side of the coast and down the other. There were some beautiful coastal homes for cheap prices, but we chose our end of the island for it's numerous organic farms. Living in a beautiful coastal home surrounded by pesticide laden potato fields just didn't appeal to us. It's sad really, because this island has the potential to be a environmentally green and organic haven that would lure even more tourists looking for that healthy get-away. Unfortunately this province is held captive by a couple of money hungry corporations that squeeze what they can out this province with little regard for its residents. Add into the mix a corrupt provincial government and you have the makings of a familiar old story.  But slowly the green side is rising up and standing up to them. An Amish community from Norwich, Ontario has also begun the move to this part of the island this summer.

And finally, we had to visit Greenwich National Park with Todd's sister and brother inlaw. It's a truly magical place that has beautiful walking trails, an awesome beach and scenery that sometimes makes you think you in the highlands of Scotland.


  1. Connie, I like your hair - feel comfortable with it!
    And I admire the pictures of beautiful walking trails and awesome beach in Greenwich National Park with blue sky and moving clouds.
    You did a good job with the chicken coop. Another step towards self-supporting.


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