All you need is love

A bout of diverticulitis put a damper on the holidays for me. It started on Christmas Day in the morning as I began cooking a nice big turkey dinner with guests to come. I couldn't eat it and barely made it through dessert before sending the guests home. Thankfully I got past it but I was several weeks getting back on my feet. I've never had any experience with this condition before but I can tell you that's some kinda pain! At one point it had me on my knees...quite literally. However, my first experience with the emergency room in Charlottetown really impressed me. In the space of 6 hours I was examined, got a CT scan with results a half hour later, then a couple hours waiting for the intravenous drips to finish and finally back home to rest with lots of medication. The staff were great, and the fast turnaround on the testing and results were pretty impressive.

Although I was not 100% we decided to stick with our plans for New Years Eve which involved a murder mystery evening at the home of friends. I had never been to one of these things but I have to admit, it was kind of fun. For those of you who don't know, everyone plays the role of a character in a murder mystery. You come in costume, you are given notes regarding things that you are to say and do over the course of the evening, and at the end of the dinner everyone has to guess who the murderer is. Or murderess, in this case, as I was the one who committed the heinous crime. I played my role to the hilt and at the end of the evening, only two people guessed that it was me.

So far, winter has been pretty easy this year. It's hard to believe that last year between January and April we were buried under 17 feet of snow. It was a record snowfall in 100 years of record keeping. This year we have had some really mild days and minimal snow fall. As you can see, there is green grass showing in this January picture of the bird feeding station I put up in. 
Even the beach is picturesque when there's a little snow covering the sand. 

We have had our share of freezing rain which really wreaks havoc with electricity here. Thankfully, the power outages haven't been too bad and the longest one was only about 4 hours for us, although on other parts of the island there have been a few outages that have lasted almost 2 days.

At least we did have some snow days that let us try out the new snowshoes we got. We were able to take a little trek up the frozen river behind our property.

As usual, there is nothing more cozy than a nice, warm fire. Poncho loves his beanbag in front of the fire.

February is here now, and Valentine's Day is fast approaching. It took me a long time to find my soul mate. If I can imagine what it would feel like to win a big lottery, that comes close to how I feel about my husband. He is truly special and I can't imagine life without him. He has been my biggest supporter and my best inspiration. The hard days are easier because of him, and the great days are better because the joys are shared. Commercialism aside, I think it's nice to set aside a day to celebrate the love in your life. Whether it's dear friends, family or a spouse, love is the most precious gift that money can't buy. Most importantly, scientists have proven that love, which creates a sense of belonging, of being connected to and valued by other people, provides many health benefits. Apparently, people with love and social connection in their lives have lower blood pressure, deal with stress better, have better health and longer life compared to people who are isolated and alone.
So, this  Valentine's Day, find someone to hug.

And on that note, I leave you with some music to hug by,


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