My Favourite Season

I love spring! I used to love summer the best but I find now that spring has become my fave. It's sunny days and warmer temps make it very comfortable to work outdoors. Not so hot that you sweat, but warm enough to take off your jacket. And then the best part, NO BUGS! Oh the joys of working outside in the garden and not being swarmed by all sorts of biting insects. It's a dream.

And yes, working outside. We finally erected the green house frame that we were gifted a couple of years ago. No bolts, no instructions and no idea what it looked like assembled. And so it sat in the 'some day' pile of things to do. But this year I was determined to create a better situation for gardening. And so, bolts purchased and jigsaw puzzling began. Turns out it was a lot bigger than I expected which is a nice bonus. We placed it next to the catio so it's close to the house. That means that hopefully we can do a little winter gardening with cold temperature veggies like spinach and kale. It would be so nice to have fresh greens without purchasing them at the store. Here on the Island the fresh produce jumps up in price in the fall after the tourist season is done. So all that is needed now is greenhouse plastic to cover it, a door and we are set. While I was busy with that hubby was busy putting together the raised beds we will use this year for growing all of our veggies.

Our remaining four hens finally joined us and although there was a bit of minor squabbling while the pecking order was sorted out, everyone seems to be getting along.
They would love to be free ranging rather than being stuck to a small temporary pen but with all the dangers around here, it just isn't a good thing. I did let them out to free range one day under my watchful eye and they were happy as clams to find new places to dig up worms and bugs.

One day as I was standing in the pen watching them, they suddenly all scurried back into the coop as quick as bunnies just as I saw a large shadow move across the ground. I didn't look up quick enough to see whether it was an eagle or a hawk but apparently the girls no danger when they see it!

Hubby has been enjoying his new job as a beekeeper. It sure is a big change from sitting behind a desk all day, with cranky customers getting in your face. Of course, these little yellow fuzzies can be cranky at times too, but at least he has a veil, to protect him from them getting in his face.  He's learning a lot about bees and of course I am too.

There seems to be so much in the media these days about the plight of bees, so it feels like an environmentally conscious job to have when you are working to protect these little fellows who are so important to our food sources. In a couple of weeks they will be moving a lot of the hives to blueberry fields to pollinate the plants for blueberry production. Without the bees there would be no blueberries! With so many other food sources dependent on bees, it's a scary thought that so many bee colonies are being wiped out by all sorts of problems from mites, bacteria and small hive beetle infestations, to predators like skunks and raccoons that get into the hives. When you realize how tenuous it is for them to survive all this, its all the more sad that we add to their dangers with the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in agriculture. Neonicotinoids are responsible for wiping out thousands and thousands of bee colonies across North America. It would be nice if everyone could practice organic gardening methods, so that our bee populations will flourish to feed us.


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