Spring is here! I love spring...the feeling of renewal as new life springs forth out of the gardens. Tiny buds emerge, the birds start building nests, the grass gets greener, and the air has a freshness about it that rejuvenates. Time to cast off the winter blues and revel in the sun.

I didn't post for a few months. Grief has a way of weighing you down. When you lose a close friend it leaves a big hole in your life and it takes time to patch that hole, sew it up and move forward again.  Thankfully, the signs of spring have a way of waking things up and helping you feel alive again after the hibernation of winter. The buds on the crabapple and lilacs are out which means the place will soon be bursting with colour. Already the daffodils are blooming.

The hummingbird feeders out and waiting for the arrival of all those hungry little birds looking for something to fill up on after their long journey. There have been sitings on the island but not here yet.

The chickens survived the winter well and are happy to have the plastic taken off the run so that they can see what's going on around them. It's also a time when the rooster gets randy and the little hens start getting broody. Belvedere is very protective of his girls and is none too pleased when I kick them out of the nest box in an effort to break their broodiness. Poor little things would do without water and food if I didn't. They don't realize they don't actually have an egg underneath to hatch so they'd sit their forever starving. So out they go and then they march around clucking and pacing until they finally dig into the food dish. But all this hooplah and complaining gets Belvedere into rooster mode which means he gives my pant leg a yank, just to let me know that as the union boss he would like to lodge a grievance on behalf of the workers.

The fox has marched through the property almost daily and oddly enough he doesn't seem to be hanging around the coop. I can't believe he hasn't noticed them now that the plastic is off. They certainly have noticed the fox and I can tell when they've seen him. When they are all standing stiff like statues, necks stretched high, looking like a bunch of bowling pins, that's a sign that they've seen the fox even if he hasn't seen them.

We finally got a trap camera and have spent a couple of days experimenting with it, putting it in different locations. Nothing noteworthy yet as we find the right place to put it. It will be interesting to see what kind of pictures we might get, of what comes out of hiding while we are all tucked into our beds.

And for all the mothers out there....Happy Mother's Day!
I miss my mom a little more this day. Wherever her spirit is, I hope she can feel my love and the ache in my heart.


  1. Love your description of the chickens on alert. Looking forward to webcam shots!


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