Thank you Mom

It's Mother's Day and of course, my mom is very much on my mind today.

Mom was an incredible lady. She had many talents from cooking to sewing. She loved her family unconditionally and made sure to tell us often that we were loved, smart, talented, good looking and anything else to make us feel proud of ourselves.

Mom had rheumatoid arthritis and so she was battling constant and crippling pain, but this didn't stop her. She worked full time to help provide for our family and always put us first. She had her special things she'd cook for us when we were sick, and no matter what new thing we wanted so much to have, somehow she got it for us. Even the priciest items somehow found their way under the Christmas tree.

Mom taught me a lot about being self sufficient. How to cook a meal from leftovers that was so tasty you didn't care it was leftovers. She taught me how to sew, crochet and the best way to clean things. My imagination and ability to come up with creative solutions for all sorts of things around the house and yard, is thanks to mom. She taught me how to "make do" as she called it. So many times when money was very tight, I silently thanked her for teaching me how to make do.

I've had my share of difficulties in life and tough times, but my ability to make it through and be stronger for it, comes from having watched mom. Her example was the benchmark I've always tried to live up to. She survived the war and then made a giant leap of faith to emigrate to a whole other country just to hopefully give her children the best opportunities in life. Her first years in Canada were so difficult, heartbreaking and challenging, but she hung on and made the best of it. And in the end she not only got up and moved forward, but in concert with dad she built a life for us, made a home, and saw to it that we held our heads high and moved forward.

The way her and Dad worked together for a common goal and supported each other was inspiring. I know there were times when they had their own problems but they stuck it out, they sorted it out, and they carried on loving and supporting each other. And they did the same for me. When I got married the first time they warned me about my choice. They told me not to but I was blind and went ahead anyway. When it all went bad, Mom was the one who convinced me not to give up looking for 'the right one'. I'm grateful that at least she did get to see me find him, and she got to get to know him.  It would make me smile when she would say sternly to him 'come here please' and he would go up thinking she was angry but then she would hold his hand, smiling, and say 'we love you'.

Mom was an example of endurance, of strength, and of love. She's gone now but she will always be in my heart. Happy Mother's Day Mom! We love you!


  1. Conny I am touched by your last two posts, and it makes me happy and thankful that we had the opportunity to meet you and Todd by chance near your new home in the countryside.
    What a wonderful, impressive photo of your Mom. You give her a grateful remembrance.


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