For the love of a father

Father's Day 2007
When I was little I loved trying to come up with something great to give Dad on Father's Day. It didn't matter if it was just a clay ashtray crudely shaped and painted, with a hand made card drawn with markers and pencil crayons. He always smiled so big and acted totally surprised. I wanted him to feel special but he would ooh and ahh and make me feel special instead.

Dad was my hero growing up. He was the one that chased away the monsters when I had a bad dream. He was the one that made me a set of stilts when I was small, so I could feel taller. He was my comfort when I was hurt or sad, and no matter how upset I was, he always knew how to make me feel that everything would be alright.

It's hard to believe he's been gone for 7 years. He is in my thoughts almost every day. So often I come across something and think, 'Dad would have loved that!' I feel extremely blessed that I had him around for a very long time. So many lost their father in the war but he survived and so I was fortunate to have him there for all the milestones. And yet, I could wish that I had him longer so that I could pick up the phone and call him to say, "Happy Father's Day...I love you dad."

Happiest in the garage fixing cars

Snoozing with his favourite napping partner Taz

Last outing before he died, a visit to a local zoo


  1. Your dad sounds like such a wonderful man. No wonder you still miss him so much. xxoo


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